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The Shipping Process:

From standing timber, to the port for shipment, and finally to the manufacturer, HVC is prepared to offer the world beautiful, natural wood.

Our staff is trained and experienced in the procurement of both logs and timber. Each individual piece of timber is thoroughly inspected by our staff while standing, and again once cut to ensure proper quality is being maintained per the specifications of each order.    
Customers are always welcome to be present for inspections, so as to further maintain quality and customer satisfaction.   
    After inspections are complete, logs are transported to a loading facility for containerization. Our logs are predominantly loaded at East Side Services in St. Louis, a company that has specialized in log loading for numerous years. Once loaded, the containers are returned to the rail for movement toward the port of departure. The shipment process is closely monitored at all times with very close attention to detail.
We take extra precautions in safeguarding our products to ensure they arrive to the customer in the best possible condition.


With offices in the U.S.A., Osaka, Milano, and Yangon, HVC's staff of professionals is prepared to meet the challenge of providing our customers with the finest wood available... wood that will last for generations.

Contact Information:
HVC World Groups
P.O. Box 44
Taylor Ridge, IL 61284 USA

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